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Our Story begins


Mr.Zeiad F.Tuaimeh was rewarded by the Minister of Tourism on the 28th of September 2004 as the first pioneer to start the fast food industry in Jordan 1982. 


In early 1980”s Mr.Z.Tuaimeh having gained extensive experience and knowledge of the restaurant  industry in the USA, He returned to his homeland in Jordan & opened his first restaurant in 1985 between the 7th and 8the circle Amman ,Jordan with a dream of establishing a restaurant operation which would exemplify the high standard of quality and services. 


Mr.Tuaimeh was quoted saying “ I am confident that chili style will catch on in Jordan area “ 


Chili which is more like a sauce than a soup , has a blend of many kinds of spices , carefully measured to suit the original taste of ( Chili Ways) , as every one makes it different by using the same basic spices a little more of this a little less of that “ 


As Mr.Tuaimeh  says “ The traditional way of serving chili over spaghetti with choice of toppings”  


Diners choose from our unique ways of mixing chili with other items explained in the main menu . In addition to our specialty ( Chili) we add in our menu a variety of sandwiches and items that proved to be best sandwiches in town , to meet the demands of all customers of all ages . 


“ Our main objective is to follow the  same path of our fathers success in the last 24 years of maintaining the same quality , service consistency and standardization at a competitive price . May God help us to carry on this responsibility and keep on giving “ says Mr  Tuaimeh Z.Tuaimeh the General Manager “ 


Chili Ways has become today one of the leading fast food restaurants in Jordan. It is known by its high quality & service . We have several locations in Jordan , and working on expanding locally & internationally. 

since 1982

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