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ChiliWays Burgers

You can’t go wrong with our cheeseburger, a signature beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted American cheese, mayo, pickles, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.


Burger Menu

80g Cheese Burger Deluxe
150g H2 Mushroom Burger
150g Hummer Burger
80g Chili Burger
250g bikers Burger
160g Double CheeseBurger
160g Sloppy Burger
50g Mini Burger or Chicken

2.65 JD
4.35 JD
4.20 JD
3.20 JD
5.45 JD
4.35 JD
4.65 JD
1.60 JD

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Chili Cheese Fries

1.45 JD
2.00 JD
0.75 JD
0.65 JD
0.20 JD
0.65 JD

Regular Fries
Wedges / Criss Cut  
          Add Chili               
Add Cheese                 
Add Seasoned                 
Add Extra Mayo

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